Webinar Overview

Most new drug and biotechnology developers consider timelines, cost, and quality the key priorities for success. Those experienced in drug development know these factors are interdependent and can have major impacts on each other.

Many work on the main components of the investigational drug submission package (CMC, toxicology, and clinical plan) independently of each other. However, while each component is complex and requires detailed field expertise and practical experience, it is understanding the link between these components that helps ensure the success of your IND submission.

This webinar discusses the interdependencies and benefits of an integrated approach when working on each key component and will illustrate how taking this approach will help you gain time, save money, and maintain quality for a successful IND.


Webinar Presenters

Pramila Singh, PhD, DABT headshot

Pramila Singh, PhD, DABT
Senior Principal Scientific Advisor, Charles River

Keith Sutton, PhD headshot

Keith Sutton, PhD
Scientific Advisor, Charles River


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