Webinar Overview

Costing nearly 300M USD over a decade or more*, bringing a plant protection product to market is a significant investment of money and time. How can you minimize risk and achieve maximum ROI?

Tune in for a panel discussion where three of our experts will share tips for streamlining your program. Learn how strategic study design and joint analysis can create true efficiencies and optimal spend on a substantial portion of your budget. The panelists also discuss selection of trial sites, field partners, and analytical labs, as well as field trials amid COVID-19 and Brexit.

*Phillips McDougall 2014 report: The cost of New Product Discovery, Development and Registration


Webinar Presenters

Andrew C. Foster, BSc
Associate Director, Field Trials
Charles River

Scott D. Cairns, BSc, MSc
Associate Director, Chemistry
Charles River

Christopher M. Spence, BSc
Senior Study Director, Field Trials
Charles River


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