Webinar Overview

During storage, your agrochemicals and biocidal products lose efficacy. But, do you know by how much? Over what period? Being able to quantify these values is not only an essential component of your registration package; down the line, shelf life data plays a role in your product’s manufacturing and marketing plans.

Join our webinar to learn more about regulatory requirements for stability testing, including the various types of storage stability studies and selection of parameters. Discover the importance of analytical standards, and how the reliability of results (accuracy, repeatability, Horwitz criterion) can impact your registration.


Webinar Presenters

Ira Koval head shot

Ira Koval, PhD, ERT
Section Head of Global Regulatory Consultancy
Charles River

Mari Brekelmans head shot

Mari Brekelmans, MSc
Study Director Analytical and Physical Chemistry
Charles River