Retrogenix Cell Microarray Technology

Uncover primary receptors and off-targets. Discover high quality, exploitable drug targets and mechanisms of action, as well as screening for potential off-targets that inform lead selection and generate high quality IND-enabling specificity data. Retrogenix Cell Microarray Technology identifies specific human plasma membrane and secreted proteins that are targeted by antibodies, proteins, small molecules, viruses, CAR cells, and other ligands.

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graphic render of the Retrogenix cell microarray technology

An Introduction to the Technology

Unique and unrivalled, Retrogenix Cell Microarray Technology identifies interactions with both human cell surface receptors and human secreted proteins by screening test ligands for binding against over 6,200 full length proteins that are individually over-expressed in human cells. This physiologically-relevant system, coupled with our extensive protein coverage, allows even low affinity interactions to be detected with a high degree of sensitivity and specificity.

Our highly sensitive screening process provides a fast, accurate, and effective solution for discovering the human targets of antibodies, proteins, viruses, and small molecules, allowing our pharmaceutical clients to:

  • Overcome the critical deconvolution step in phenotypic drug discovery
  • Uncover high quality and exploitable drug targets
  • Explore safety liabilities of lead candidates using the most comprehensive human expressed off-target system

Retrogenix Cell Microarray Technology is currently being used by the world’s top 20 drug developers to bring new therapeutics to market faster yielding high success rates, high specificity, low false positive rates, and rapid turnaround.



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Cell microarray technology Cell Microarray Technology
Discover high quality, exploitable drug targets and mechanisms of action by screening for potential off-targets.

Off-Target Profiling Off-Target Screening
Understand cross-reactivity to reduce toxicity-based attrition and aid lead selection.

Receptor Identification Receptor Identification
Uncover receptors for proteins, viruses, and more complex ligands such as whole cells.

Target Deconvolution Target Deconvolution
Accelerate phenotypic drug discovery through target deconvolution of phenotypic molecules.

graphic render of the Retrogenix cell microarray technology in the colors pink and green.

What if you could get more data from your off-target screening - not only WHERE your off-target occurred, but also WHAT protein caused it?

Join our webinar on December 8th at 11am EST as we explore how the Retrogenix Cell Microarray Technology can be used in conjunction with IHC-based TCR to gain a comprehensive understanding of the on/off-target binding profile of your biotherapeutic. You will learn how the robust output:

  • Informs lead candidate selection and safety assessment
  • Increases process efficiency and enhances regulatory submissions
  • Identifies and mitigates the risk of clinical toxicity caused by off-target effects

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