Scientific Posters from AALAS 2018

69th AALAS National Meeting
October 28 – November 1, 2018 | Baltimore, MD

Attendees at the 69th AALAS National Meeting

Download our posters from the AALAS National Meeting:

P15: Harmonizing Global Training Using a Customizable Skill Assessment Document
Beth Lotocki*, Heather Waldis, J.M. Davis

P47: The Use of Novel Epiglottic Manipulation Device for Swine Endotracheal Intubation
Marnie Metzler*, J. Vineyard, L. Shiver, M. Drains, D. Manning, S. Rideout 

P48: A Guide to Post-Approval Monitoring via Annual Protocol Review
Matthias Rammling*, T. Frost, A. Dollar, T.M. Thomas

P50: Continuous Improvements to Infusion Systems in Rats: Refinements to Enhance Animal Welfare
Megan Stamen*, D. Cedeno-Sanmartin, A. Evans, T. Gleason

P53: The Large Animal Conundrum: Improving Welfare and Reducing Stress for Large Animals and Their Handlers through Primary Enclosure Refinement**
A. Bennett, Michelle A. Newell*  

P66: Impact of Implementation of a Veterinary Verification and Consultation Policy on IACUC Resources
Susan Weyer  

P172: Effect of High-dose Irradiation on a Commercial High-Fat Diet for the Provision of Germ-free Mice 
Kimberly Jen*, L. Tracey, G. B. Mulder 

P223: Assessing the Efficacy of Heterozygous CD-1 Nude (nu/+) Mice as Soiled Bedding Sentinels
Cheryl Perkins*, G.B. Mulder, K.S. Henderson

P224: Temporal Microbiome Evaluation in Wistar Han Rats after Shipping from a Vendor to a Preclinical Testing Facility
Chuanwu Wang*, P. Gerwin, P. Lewis, P. Momtsios, A. Williams, K.S. Henderson

P225: Next Generation Sequencing of a Novel Astrovirus Detected in a Research Colony of Mice 
Chuanwu Wang*, R.J. Ricart Arbona, P. Momtsios, E. Altan, E. Delwart, N.S. Lipman, K.S. Henderson

P247: Contaminated Shipping Materials Identified as the Source of Rotavirus Infection in Exported Mice
K. Lindstrom, K. S. Henderson*, M. Mayorga, V. Kuiper, J. Wilkerson

P263: A Next-Generation Multiplexed Fluorometric Immunoassay for Serodiagnosis of Nonhuman Primate Infectious Diseases
Rajeev Dhawan*, M. Wunderlich, L. Campbell, K. Pappalardo, D. Cohen, B. Bronson

* Presenter
** Title has been modified due to its sensitive nature. PDF is available through The Source℠.

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