The exciting and broad area of immunology research intersects multiple therapeutic areas; inflammation and autoimmune disease, as well as areas not traditionally considered immunogenic, including neurodegeneration, rare diseases, and even cancer.

The immune system is a complex environment. Let us help you obtain immunology resources to create the optimal development of your product.

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Immunology Research & Drug Development

Take a 3D Tour of One of Our Immunology & Infection Laboratories

Allow our experts to take you on a 360-degree immersive tour, where you can explore our innovative equipment and how it works to result in a better understanding of the immune system.

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From Discovery To Safety: Smooth Out the Kinks

Primary cell assays can provide early information on efficacy, mechanism of action (MoA), and target engagement. In vitro studies reduce costs by shifting attrition to early phases, demonstrating the ability to translate into the clinic and de-risking the progression into expensive in vivo models. You can then move your drug to the next step by selecting your animal model and we can also provide pharmacology testing thanks to our disease and PD models.

Predictive immunotoxicology and immunology endpoints will help you to bring your IND program to FIH trial. At the clinical stage, our biomarkers services and biologics testing solutions will provide all the support and expertise needed.

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3D image of intestinal bacteria

IBD & Microbiome
Webinar: The Therapeutic Axis of Microbiome, Inflammation, and Immune Response

Charles River can support your research in this area as illustrated in this case study using the acute and chronic DSS colitis mouse model - disclosure: projects with live therapeutics were sponsored by our partner Servatus.

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Macrophage, inflammation

Webinar: In Vivo Dermal Models for Drug Screening

This webinar presents various in vivo dermal models that mimic atopic dermatitis clinical conditions.

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Immunologically active proteins on a T-cell

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Technical Sheet: Complex Biology In Vitro Assays: Immunological Assay Services

Measure the activation of synovial fibroblasts – a distinguishing feature of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) – with assays that use RA patient-derived primary human cells.

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interleukin cytokine signal molecule

Cell & Gene Therapy
Video Series: Planning for a Successful CAR-T IND During Early Discovery: Presentations

Thanks to this video series, learn how to avoid common pitfalls and how our expertise can help guide your program to success.

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medically accurate 3d illustration of cancer cells

Webinar: Advancing Tumor-Targeted Therapies in the Age of Immuno-Oncology

This webinar highlights key examples with a focus on discovery paths and pharmacology, and examines the potential for combination approaches with immuno-oncology agents.

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3D illustration of myelin sheathe

Webinar: Tackling Neuro-Immunity in Multiple Sclerosis

This webinar examines the intricacies of EAE and decode the mechanisms before and after certain treatments, from gene expression profiling to advanced neuroimaging and behavioral testing.

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Immunity immune defense cooperation cell 3d illustration

Seminar: Understanding Immune Mechanisms: The Key to Vaccine Efficacy and Safety

This ondemand seminar provides insights into successful, translational vaccine development. Learn strategies for overcoming the unique challenges of your therapy and understand the key evaluations that comprise a robust assessment of efficacy and safety, from pharmaceutical, biotechnology, university, and CRO experts.

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Choose the Right Model for Your Immunology Research Development

We provide animal models and services to further your immunology and inflammatory disease research. If your research requires the use of specialized or genetically modified models, our experts will work with you to customize and create them for your study using the latest model creation technologies.

Basic Research Products & Services

Mouse model

Poster: Immunodeficient Models for Oncology Studies

Discover which immunodeficient animal model is best suited for your cancer studies.

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Start With In Vitro Testing

To navigate immune system complexity, our team of expert immunologists offer in vitro immunology assays, using primary human and rodent cells, to perform immunological and pharmacological investigations that will help you fully understand your drug.

Yin yang debate around autoimmune and immunology research drug development

The Yin & Yang of T Cell Function: Advancing Autoimmune and IO Therapies

These videos provide insight on opposing objectives, where experts discuss enhancing versus limiting T cell function to advance innovation within the autoimmune and immuno-oncology fields.

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Pharmacology Testing Impact

In a translational approach to discovery and development, we combine our inflammation and autoimmune models with relevant biomarkers such as flow cytometry and histologic analysis, for a study design tailored to meet your immunology research program milestones.

Immunology research drug development

Webinar: Evaluating Autoimmune Disease Targeted Therapies That Reprogram the Immune System

Our experts explain how combining disease-relevant models, in vitro inflammation models, and autoimmune T cell assays creates a clear picture of how your therapy is reprogramming the immune system.

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Let our experts help you perform your immunology testing. We will partner with you to develop the best translational path for your therapeutic, provide detailed regulatory expectations, and offer technical expertise in required assay formats. By using this comprehensive approach, you’ll have the most rapid and cost-effective program possible, from proof of concept, to safety assessment, and finally to clinic.

The ICH S8 guideline for human pharmaceuticals with immunomodulatory actions recommends a weight-of-evidence approach to assess potential immunotoxicity risk. Additional immunotoxicity endpoints reflecting the mechanism of action of the compound should be included within study designs.

Scientist working with flow cytometry immunophenotyping tubes.

Immunophenotyping by Flow Cytometry
Validating Flow Cytometry Assay Panels for Blood Cell Subpopulation

This poster examines the development of different proven methods to analyze samples in a toxicology study.

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antibodies ADA

Webinar: Assessing the Safety and Immunotoxicity of Monoclonal Antibodies

How to address the safety concerns of mAbs by immunogenicity testing, through ADA assay to nAb assay?

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Ligand receptor and cytokine release

In Vitro Immunology Testing to Assess Immune Cell Functions
The Cytokine Release Assay and Beyond

Gauging the risk that molecules may have for triggering unanticipated or exaggerated immune effects.

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TDAR assays

TDAR Assay
Webinar: Utilizing TDAR Assay to Assess Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

Discover recent advances in the TDAR assay to evaluate immuno-stimulation in non-human primates. Find out how this model can benefit your drug development program.

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Immunology Services

Mitigate risk with early, actionable immunology data. Immunological processes play a role in most cell interactions and diseases across all systems. From target engagement and mechanism of action, to efficacy and prediction of adverse immune reactions, immunology assays deliver data that reduces your risk of failing late.

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Serving the needs of both small and large molecule developers for immunology research, we offer a broad range of standard and specialized laboratory services to complement and enhance drug development programs, from discovery through safety and clinical trials.

We provide a comprehensive range of testing programs and equipment to support pharmaceutical development. Our biologics testing solutions and portfolio of microbial quality control systems and services help clients ensure the safety, quality, and compliance of their products. We support large molecule manufacturing from early preclinical formulation development through clinical and commercial manufacturing and release.

Exceptional support of the entire drug discovery and development process is a Charles River hallmark. As a customer-focused organization committed to advancing science and helping clients reach their goals, we continually strive to develop solutions that extend our support of their efforts.