Microbiome Research

It is now known that the human microbiome, which consists of microbes, such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses, plays a much larger role in human health and disease than previously assumed. While this is a relatively new and uncharted frontier in research, recent studies have demonstrated a link between the microbiome and the various diseases that afflict humankind.


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Charles River manages a portfolio of products and services to directly support microbiome research. Whether you are at the early stages of your research or looking to take your studies to the next phase, we can partner with you to ensure that you meet your research goals.

Microbiome research has primarily focused on the gut as it has been found to be the most diverse and constitutes the densest number of microbe cells in the human microbiota. Recent studies using germ-free animals have provided further insight into how the gut microbiota are specifically linked to autoimmunity. Charles River provides germ-free animal models and comprehensive microbiome testing services for screening the health of germ-free animal colonies.

Basic Research Products & Services

Microbiome therapy is an emerging target as recent studies have demonstrated a direct correlation between various human diseases and the gut microbiome. Our scientists can work with you to tailor microbiome drug discovery studies to fit your program.

Discovery Services

From the initial stages through clinical trials, Charles River provides safety assessment solutions for your microbiome research. Our capabilities in customized analytical and bioanalytical assays, toxicology studies, and pathology endpoints along with expertise working with microbiome-directed therapies across the portfolio means we are an ideal partner with whom to bring your therapies and drugs to market.

Safety Assessment Services

Microbiome research begins and ends with identification, from isolating and accurately identifying species in a community to confirming the quality of your end product. Research and product release demands rigorous quality control and confident results, a critical task made easier with the help of a reliable partner. Charles River is the industry leader in providing microbial detection and identification services that deliver accurate, relevant, and reliable QC results that you can trust.

Microbial Services