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Charles River has provided research models and associated services to the University of Zurich biomedical science research for decades. Our goal is to provide the utmost in terms of service and quality in everything we do, so that the research teams in the University of Zurich can be empowered to focus on what matters most – furthering the understanding of biomedical science for the development of modern medicines. 

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We have gathered information about all of the relevant Charles River research models and associated services available to you along with pricing, special offers, resources, and contact details. We also provide expedited access to JAX™ Mice strains in Europe.

Charles River Offers Contract Breeding & Embryology Services

We have a complete portfolio of embryology services available, including cryopreservation, rederivation, model creation, and rapid colony expansion. Please contact LASC Veterinary Services ([email protected]) before you start your project.

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If you need a highly immunodeficient mouse model...

Our NSG® mouse model is the most highly immunodeficient mouse and the model of choice for cancer xenograft modelling, stem cell biology, humanized mice, and infectious disease research.

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We Can Customize a Solution to Meet Your Scientific Staffing Needs

Our Insourcing Solutions℠ team offers staffing, training, consulting, and other animal facility support services to help clients optimize their discovery and development programs and allocate their resources appropriately.

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Our Model Evaluation Programme Offers Animals at No Cost

Do you wish to trial a model to test suitability before making a purchase? Explore our free animal model evaluation programme.

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ALZET® Osmotic Pumps offer specific advantages over repeated animal dosing by injection or oral gavage. For CNS research, ALZET® pump technology and its applications provide an effective method to overcome the blood-brain barrier and deliver therapeutic agents directly to the central nervous system. Can't find the appropriate research model for your studies? Let us help you to create one with our model creation services.
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Metabolic Disease

Charles River maintains a comprehensive portfolio of animal models specific for studying metabolic, renal, and cardiovascular disease. Further, through our preconditioning services, we can offer an array of metabolic surgical procedures and custom diets so that you receive your animal study ready.
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Our germ-free mouse models provide researchers with a new way to identify diseases, understand drug responses, discover ways to target the microbiome, and offer a better look into immunology. The use of syngeneic mouse models as one approach in a preclinical study allows testing of immunotherapies in an intact immune system. Our portfolio of syngeneic models includes characterization of known immune checkpoint inhibitors, genetic (WES) and immunologic profiling.
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More research areas

Regulatory Training and Continuing Professional Development

Charles River offers a comprehensive range of seminars and training courses on laboratory animals science. Our advanced training program includes theoretical and practical courses across a range of topics suitable for all who are involved in animal studies or who work in laboratory animal husbandry or laboratory animal breeding.

Guidebooks Charles River currently has two laboratory animal guidebooks available in digital format. These guidebooks are free to download and may be used by laboratory professionals to learn about best practices in infection surveillance of rodents and colony management of mice and rats.
•   Modern Strategies for Infection Surveillance
•   Mouse and Rat Colony Management 
Posters •   Immunodeficient Mouse Models from Charles River Europe
•   Metabolic, Renal, and Cardiovascular Disease Animal Models from Charles River Europe
•   JAX™ Mice Coat Color Guide
•   JAX™ Mice Pup Appearance by Age
•   Divergence of C57BL/6 Laboratory Mouse Substrains
•   Common Rodent Health Conditions
Seminar Topics Our Research Model Specialist team can provide educational seminars at no cost on a variety of topics including:
•   Genetic Drift – What It Is and How to Minimise Its Impact on Your Research
•   Key Differences among B6 Substrains and the Research Impact
•   The Basics of Mouse Nomenclature
•   Comparing Immunodeficient Mice for Cancer Research
•   Essential Tips for New Mouse Researchers
For further information and/or to book a seminar, contact [email protected].
Webinars •   Upcoming
•   On-demand
ARRIVE Guidelines ARRIVE guidelines (Animal Research: Reporting of In Vivo Experiments) include clear guidance on research model nomenclature guidelines and other reporting criteria.
How do I place an animal model order? For animal models orders, please create an animal order within the LASC animal management software "iRATS."
How do I contact Charles River with questions about ordering? Please contact Charles River Germany customer service directly and include [email protected] in all correspondence:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +49 (0) 9761/406-0
When can i expect delivery? Deliveries from Charles River facilities in France and Germany -> Wednesdays
Deliveries from Charles River facilities in UK and other countries -> Will be confirmed after the order had been placed
Are health reports available? Yes. You may view health reports for research animal models bred by Charles River in Europe and Asia.
Do you provide information on infectious agents? Yes. Understanding the infectious agents that can contaminate your research animal facility allows you to develop a plan to manage or prevent an outbreak. View our technical sheets for viruses, bacteria/fungi, and parasites prevalent in laboratory animals.
Does Charles River also offer biospecimens (blood products, tissues, and organs)? Yes we do. Learn more about our biospecimen offerings.
Christine Schurr

Christine Schurr, Dr. rer. nat.

Business Account Manager for Research Models and Services in the DACH region
Christine Schurr is responsible for customer support on all topics related to research models and services in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, the south of Germany, and Austria. Christine studied biology at the Eberhardt-Karls University of Tübingen and developed first-hand knowledge of research models at the Institute of Medical Genetics and Genomics, as well as at the Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research. During her PhD studies, she worked with a mouse model of ALS with additional neuroinflammation in astrocytes at the University of Ulm, this gave her extensive understanding of research models and how they are used in biomedical research. Her personal experience allows Christine to understand the daily challenges her customers face every day.
[email protected]     M: +49 (0)172 8288952