STAT Results for STAT Samples: Implementing Modern Rapid Micro Methods

Webinar Overview

Long incubation periods and subjective visual assessments have long hampered the efficiency and accuracy of bioburden and sterility, yet these quality control assays are essential to ensure the safety of sterile compounded drugs. As manufacturers of these products, how do we keep patients safe and shelves stocked?

In this webinar, Dr. Wayne DeHaven of Pharmetric Laboratory discusses how amplified adenosine triphosphate (ATP) technology overcomes the limitations of these traditional test methods, eliminating days of sample incubation time while preserving current test protocols and delivering accurate contamination results.

Learn more about:

  • Current challenges with traditional quality control assays for microbiology laboratories and manufacturers of sterile compounding drugs
  • The distinct benefits of adopting rapid microbial detection test methods to provide compounders with faster and more confident results
  • How a contract microbiology testing laboratory can easily switch to these rapid methods for your samples, extending these benefits to you


Webinar Presenter

Wayne DeHaven, PhD
Director of Quality, Pharmetric Laboratory


For questions about this webinar, contact Dr. Wayne DeHaven, Director of Quality, at [email protected].

To learn more about Pharmetric Laboratory’s rapid testing services, please contact James Brown, National Director of Sales at [email protected] or visit their website.


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