Webinar Series: Are You Ready for the Digital Pathology Revolution?

The digitization of pathology data for diagnostic and decision support, peer review, and computer-based analytics, or digital pathology, is here. Potentially more objective, accurate, and faster than traditional microscopy, the technology is changing our workflow.

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In our webinar series, you’ll hear from our toxicologic pathologists and scientists who are using digital pathology applications to advance discovery research and safety assessment. Over the course of three presentations, you’ll discover platforms, learn best practices, and put a plan in place to harness the power of digital analysis in your preclinical programs.


Closed captioning available in English

Demystifying Digital Pathology

With the recent (2017, 2019) FDA approval and clearance of digital pathology systems for primary diagnosis, it’s clear that the technology is here to stay. In this webinar, we’ll explore its origins, talk about current applications and limitations, and discuss its potential to shape both the way we work as pathologists and discover new therapies. Spoiler alert: our jobs are safe.

View this webinar to learn key terminology and understand core concepts, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, image analysis, and their inter-dependencies.

Closed captioning available in English

Controlling Quality of Automated Image Analysis

Digital image analysis can be used to supplement qualitative pathological findings or to objectively confirm or refute them. But when algorithms are in charge, how do we control quality? In this webinar, learn how human pathology experts are at the core of digital platform success, helping to avoid workup bias and ensuring the quality of artificial intelligence outcomes.

Closed captioning available in English

Using Artificial Intelligence-Powered Image Analysis to Drive Discovery & Development

Deep learning convolutional neural networks for digital image analysis of scanned whole slides promises to transform the field of toxicologic pathology. In this webinar, learn how innovative AI-driven digital pathology applications have the potential to improve the quality and efficiency of such studies and explore how the technology can support and accelerate discovery research and safety assessment.

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