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Gain an advantage and unlock the speed, quality, and proximity of Charles River’s full portfolio of capabilities on the West Coast for your research needs. Whether you’re in the heart of the Bay Area, or located around the California biohubs, we are committed to identifying specific benefits for you.

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Local Partnership with a Global Strength

Whatever your need, we are dedicated to accelerating your science from in vitro biology, turn key vivarium services to in vivo efficacy. With experts locally based in your geography, response times are unmatched with knowledge for your project or molecule.


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CRADL is a full-service rodent animal facility solution for emerging and established biotech companies. Move-in ready facilities eliminate challenges and barriers through vivarium space and on-demand rent for your animal research. This is proven to be cost-effective while saving time by utilizing space that is already built, managed, and operated by laboratory animal experts. You can focus solely on your science needed to move your research forward while staying close to the animals in your study while providing your own personal oversight and control over the process and timelines.



Research Model and Services

A full-service research model and service site centrally located in the West Coast biohubs in Hollister, CA that ensures your research timelines are met and maintained with the highest quality and care. With full production of animal models, breeding and housing capabilities of genetically engineered animal models, and a full surgical suite, you can rest assured we’ve got you covered.



Large Molecule Discovery and Optimization

Quickly discover, analyze, and engineer therapeutic antibodies with the SuperHuman antibody discovery platform. The library delivers hits with superior affinity, cross-species coverage, and improved drug-like characteristics. Our Tumbler antibody optimization and Abgenesis analysis technologies allow you to make the most of your hits and antibody discovery data.



Small Molecule Discovery

Artificial Intelligence during the hit identification phase can be more cost effective and efficient than traditional screening approaches for challenging and atypical targets such as protein-protein interactions. Clients who partner with us can take advantage of the AtomNet™ platform, a patented AI platform developed by Atomwise for the prediction of small molecules binding to protein targets.


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CNS Discovery

There is a significant need for new approaches in CNS drug discovery. So where can we go to find solutions? With a significant portion of neuroscience research located near our South San Francisco branch, we are well positioned to take on your needs to move the needle in a positive direction for some of the toughest neurodegenerative diseases. Within our portfolio you will find unmatched and unparalleled services and support from medicinal chemistry through to filing your IND.



DMPK Studies

The rise in large molecule therapeutics, which can be complex to analyze, has increased the demand for high resolution readouts. The beauty of our DMPK services in SSF is that whether you are working with a small molecule entity or a large molecule drug, we can perform the necessary non-GLP bioanalytical readouts via various methods. Not only do we utilize cutting-edge equipment, we execute your data with high quality and speed. We provide rapid evaluation of the PK characteristics of your potential drug candidate while minimizing time and cost by being your local neighbor and partner. You can expect a one week turnaround time following the drop off of your sample.



Cypre Oncology Partnership

Cypre’s proprietary 3D tumor models platform, Falcon-X™ is a high content analysis screening option for cancer immunotherapy and targeted therapy. Utilizing Cypre’s patented 3D hydrogel technology and proprietary methods that synergize with the breadth and depth of our PDX tumor model collection, the platform recreates the tumor microenvironment and enables predictive screening of innovative immuno-oncology compounds.


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