Early Immunology Research at Charles River

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At our recent Lunch and Learn event, we enjoyed engaging with our Xencor colleagues, discussing therapeutic purposes, challenges, and approaches to developing antibodies.

Attendees at Early Immunology Research at Charles River.

From research models to cell line banking, biomarker and immunological assay development to pharmacology and toxicology, our team has the tools and expertise to advance your programs.

We are happy to share our presentations and welcome your further questions.

Robert Nunan, PhD

Group Leader, Cell Biology Immuno-Oncology

Robert Nunan headshotAfter obtaining his PhD in neuroimmunology, Robert spent 10 years in the UK focusing his postdoctoral work on cellular and molecular mechanisms of tissue regeneration and repair. He came to Charles River with the acquisition of KWS BioTest, where he worked in the Cell Biology group developing human in vitro immuno-oncology and neuroinflammation assays. Specializing in immuno-oncology, human in vitro assays, and in vitro neuroinflammation. Dr. Nunan has worked on the development of small molecules, antibodies, and therapies involving RNA knockdown. His skills include flow cytometry, live cell imaging (IncuCyte), cytokines (Luminex® ICC), qPCR, and work with T cells, macrophages, DCs, epithelial cells and tumour cells.

We are happy to share our presentations and welcome your further questions.

Early Immunology Research at Charles River

Drug Discovery Focused in Vitro Assays Targeting Immune Cells Associated with the TME

We value your time and are eager to support your work. Please enjoy this collection of relevant resources that your team might find helpful:

Scientific Poster:

A Translational Platform to Support and Advance Immuno-Oncology Drug Discovery

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Charles River Immunology
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Research: In Vivo MS Models
In Vivo Immune Function Studies
Biologics Testing Solutions
QC Microbial Solutions

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Srna Vlaho
Business Innovation Manager
RMS Strategic Business Innovation | Charles River
M: 978.436.1720

Our Research Models and Services division offers a portfolio of genetically standardized animal models and full-spectrum vivarium support to support Xencor’s basic research projects. Our services include:

 •   High-quality animal models, including ready-to-use knock-out mouse models
 •   Preconditioning services to deliver study-ready animals to your door
 •   Transgenic model creation services
 •   Custom breeding projects and rapid colony development
 •   Genetic testing services
 •   Animal health surveillance

Marcus Wagstaff, BSc
Associate Business Development Director
Discovery Services | Charles River
M: 978.821.7462

The journey from target identification to IND-enablement is complicated, lengthy, and uncertain. Learn how Charles River Discovery Services is helping companies like Xencor discover and advance lead candidates more quickly and with a greater chance of success to IND.

 •   Hit identification
 •   Hit-to-lead
 •   Lead optimization
 •   Antibody discovery, optimization, and tool development
 •   In vitro assays
 •   In vivo models, including imaging developments
 •   Integrated drug discovery
 •   AI-based hit identification

Kristin Power
Business Development Director – Safety Assessment
Los Angeles, CA | Charles River
M: 949-353-9940

Our Safety Assessment team can provide Xencor with a full range of in vivo and in vitro testing services and regulatory support to comply with worldwide regulatory restrictions for the nonclinical development of pharmaceuticals.

Our services include:

 •   Toxicology and IND-enabling services
 •   Scientific Advisory Services
 •   Pathology services
 •   DMPK
 •   Lab sciences
 •   Safety pharmacology
 •   Molecular imaging and radiochemistry
 •   Environmental safety

Chad Dubbelde
Sr. Specialist Sales
Biologics Testing Solutions | Charles River
M: 978.729.8514

Our Biologics Testing Solutions division can support Xencor’s development and manufacture of biologics therapies with a broad portfolio of services that include:

 •   Viral seed production
 •   Cell banking – mammalian and bacterial
 •   Cell line characterization
 •   Endotoxin testing
 •   Biosafety, impurity and potency testing
 •   Viral clearance studies
 •   Host cell protein determination
 •   Lot and final drug product release

Katherine G. McDaniel
Senior Account Manager - Southwest
Microbial Solutions | Charles River
M: 858.243.7688

We’ve purposely built our QC Microbial Solutions portfolio to bring companies like Xencor progressive products and services that deliver accurate, relevant and reliable data to fuel confident decisions on product quality and contamination control.

Our services include:

 •   Endotoxin testing
 •   Rapid microbial detection
 •   Microbial ID & strain typing