Scientific Advisory Services

Market pressures continue to change the focus and structure of the drug development industry with a heavy emphasis on accelerating preclinical development to move the most efficacious therapies into the clinic. The preclinical drug development journey is rarely straight and often requires course corrections and pivots.

Ask us if a scientific advisor can help your program

Charles River consultants work tirelessly to help you navigate the drug development process as the route of a new drug, biologic, or device from concept to commercialization is rarely linear or easy.

Charles River has built a unique team of Scientific Advisors whose expertise spans various therapeutics areas and stages in the drug development process. The mission of the scientific advisory service (SAS) team is to guide clients, every step of the way. With decades of industry experience and proven abilities to navigate the complex and changing regulatory landscape, the SAS team can design and manage lean and robust preclinical programs. The team provides flexible, responsive and personalized support and each client’s project is managed with the same dedication and attention as if it were our own. With access to the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio – from early discovery to market support – our team is uniquely qualified to map your journey through drug development.

Research Phase

The drug research and development process is highly complex, yet essential for delivering safe and effective therapies to patients. Even though the process is well defined, drug development programs are fundamentally different for each product. To help our clients navigate this process, our scientific advisory services span the entire drug discovery and development continuum and can be tailored to specific research conditions.

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