Cybersecurity Updates

Recently Charles River detected unauthorized access to portions of its IT systems and promptly launched an investigation into this matter with the support of a leading firm of cybersecurity experts. A comprehensive containment and remediation plan was promptly implemented. To keep clients informed about this situation, our ongoing work and progress will be posted to this web page.

Charles River corporate headquarters

Based on the information available to date, we can state with confidence that there is no indication that data has been deleted, corrupted or altered. We do have evidence that a relatively small number of clients (approximately 1%) may have had some data that was copied, and we have already notified each of these potentially affected clients directly. We believe that the known access point for the intruders has been closed and have no indication at this time of any continued, unauthorized activity in our information systems.

We are continuing to work with cybersecurity experts to further secure our current systems and infrastructure, as well as adding enhanced security features and measures to protect our client data. We have alerted U.S. federal law enforcement and are working with them as part of an active investigation related to this incident. The analysis of the fact pattern indicates that the intruders are highly sophisticated and well-resourced.

The security of the data we maintain for clients as well as our systems is a top priority. We invest heavily in the continuous improvement of our security programs and employ experts in advising us on the efficacy of our security controls. We deeply regret that this incident occurred and are committed to understanding what happened and avoiding any reoccurrence.

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