Charles River 还通过 Accugenix® 客户门户提供免费的 IT 解决方案,该门户可生成所需的跟踪和趋势化报告,确保制造环境长期安全,同时满足合规性要求。




— 质量控制协调员,卫生服务行业,华盛顿州塔克维拉


  • 从提交到报告的样本管理
  • 全天候提供样本信息
  • 实时样品状态
  • 自动通知发货和报告
  • 发票管理
  • 查看、下载和打印存档的报告和表单
  • 最高级别的数据加密确保安全性
  • 特定客户端用户名和密码保护
  • 符合 GAMP5 自动化系统验证标准


  • 减少文书工作
  • 提高生产力
  • 消除冗余条目,节省时间
  • 自定义报告和通知的分发列表
  • 用于基因型和蛋白质型服务的单一电子申请表,并包含无限数量的样本条目
  • 简化从 LIMS 系统或任何外部计算机上传样本信息

Features & Benefits of the Accugenix® Customer Web Portal & Mobile App

  • Features of the Accugenix® Microbial Identification Portal
    • User navigation available in six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese (Simplified Chinese coming soon)
    • Sample management from submission to reports
    • Sample information available 24/7
    • Real-time sample status
    • Automatic notifications of shipments and reports
    • Invoice management
    • View, download and print archived reports and forms
    • Highest level of data encryption for security
    • Client-specific user names and password protection
    • In compliance with GAMP5 standards for validation of automated systems
  • Benefits of using the Accugenix® Microbial Identification Portal

    Benefits of using the Accugenix® Microbial Identification Portal

    • Reduction of paperwork
    • Improved productivity
    • Elimination of redundant entries to save you time
    • Customized distribution lists for reports and notifications
    • A single electronic request form for microbial sequencing and MALDI-TOF identification services
    • Simplified uploading of sample information from a LIMS system or any external computer

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  • Benefits of the Accugenix® Portal Mobile App
    • Receive notifications when samples are received, identification reports are ready to view, and when an Organism of Interest has been identified.
    • Favorite a particular IRF so you can easily find sample information.
    • Select and favorite samples of high importance that you may want to keep a closer track on. 
    • A search feature that allows you to locate a specific C#, IRF, and/or your unique customer identification.
    •  A Frequently Occurring Organism (FOO) page will provide a list of frequently occurring organisms within your environment over the past three (3) months. 
    • A Help feature will display the Accugenix® Laboratory location information that you have submitted and shipped your samples to. 
    • The Help section also enables you to contact a customer care representation immediately by clicking to connect by either phone or email. 

You can locate the app from either the App store or Google play and search for Accugenix to download.

Portal Mobile App User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions About the Accugenix® Microbial Identification Portal