Which Animal Model is Right for Your Study?

Selecting the appropriate animal model for your studies is critical to the success of your research. The Charles River Animal Model Evaluation Program allows you to assess the quality and compatibility of our animal models before making a commitment. Whether you have a new research protocol, are conducting or fine-tuning a pilot study, or simply exploring the opportunity to switch to a new animal model, this program can help you make the right choice.

Animal Model Evaluation Program Benefits

  • No Cost: Select the animal model you would like to evaluate and we will provide them to you at no cost.*
  • Risk Reduction: Determine whether a model fits your research protocols before making a significant time and financial investment.
  • Assess Quality: Assess the quality of our research animal models on your own terms.
  • Support: Experience Charles River’s industry-leading customer support network.

To take advantage of this program, please complete the Animal Model Evaluation Form.


* Crate and freight costs will be charged for germ-free models and in certain specific circumstances. Terms and conditions may apply.