Webinar Overview

Mouse PDX models are the gold standard in oncology drug development, but they can be expensive and require long turnaround times. View this webinar to learn about an innovative, cost-effective model for pre-screening your compounds, the zebrafish PDX tumor xenograft (ZTX™).

A fully scalable humanized in vivo system with a 3-day turnaround, the ZTX™ model system complements mouse PDX approaches, allowing you to effectively screen combination treatments and PDX models. Moreover, zebrafish models display rapid vascularization and migration of tumor cells, making them an effective tool for evaluating metastatic risk.


Webinar Presenters

Julia Schüler Headshot

Julia Schüler, DVM, PhD
Research Director
Charles River

Anna Erkstam Headhsot

Anna Erkstam, PhD
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
BioReperia AB

Lasse Jensen Headshot

Lasse Jensen, PhD
Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Co-Founder
BioReperia AB


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