man on a wooden dock holding a horseshoe crab
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Providing Horseshoe Crabs a Jump Start on Life

What does horseshoe crab conservation mean to you?

To us, it's more than pursuing an alternative endotoxin testing method. It's the sustainable use and management of this amazing natural resource. It's reducing our raw materials necessary to run an LAL test by 95% compared to traditional methods.

It’s working with local fisheries and advocacy groups to enact regulations to prohibit baiting. It’s educating and building awareness on the vital role this animal plays in human health and its ecosystem. It’s protecting and preserving their habitat so we can continue to live harmoniously with these animals that share our planet.

We partnered with Rutgers University on their horseshoe crab enhancement and sustainability initiative to help increase the population of this incredible species along the mid-Atlantic shores.

At Charles River, we are committed to the conservation of this extraordinary animal that plays a role in everyday health and safety of people all over the world. To learn more about how we are helping to ensure the continued population growth of the horseshoe crab, please visit our dedicated microsite.

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