Cryo-EM determines the 3D structure of proteins to inform discovery.
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Revealing Structures Using Cryo-EM


New strategic partnership provides access to ATEM’s cryo-EM service solutions

Determining the 3D structure of proteins, identifying how proteins function, and how they malfunction in disease is critical to inform drug discovery projects. Cryo electron microscopy (cryo-EM) is a technique that determines the 3D structure of proteins and ATEM is an industry-leading organization that provides in-depth structural insights about challenging targets using cryo-EM.

By combining ATEM’s cryo-EM expertise with Charles River’s structural biology capabilities, this alliance has the potential to significantly accelerate discovery efforts from hit design through lead optimization.

“Cryo-EM will expand the portfolio of drug targets that we can generate a 3D understanding of, enhance our knowledge of how to modulate these targets and enable computational drug design for more of our client projects.  ATEM’s cryo-EM expertise is a perfect complement to our established X-ray crystallography platform.” Grant Wishart, Director CADD & Structural Biology, Discovery

Additionally, our partnership offers customers orthogonal tools in support of empty/full capsid ratio analysis for AAV. By utilizing technologies such as AUC, cIEF, TEM, and cryo-EM, clients can expect to receive qualitative and quantitative data to ensure greater dosing accuracy during the development of a gene therapy product.

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