Webinar Overview

Several plant protection products contain stereogenic elements in their molecular structure. The ratio of these stereoisomers may change during biotransformation, so the exposure risk may change relative to the material used in toxicology studies. Additionally, transformation reactions may cause complex mixtures of metabolites containing stereogenic centers to form. As a result, you should consider what risk these metabolites pose to your products.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has offered their guidance on assessing the risk of stereoisomers. This webinar will delve into their expectations and share their impact on radiolabeled biotransformation studies. Attendees will also learn about some cost-effective strategies to delivering quantitative data on distributing isomers for your registration program.


Webinar Presenter

James O’Neill Headshot

James O’Neill, MChem PhD
Associate Director, High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
Charles River


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