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Avoid Flu and COVID Myths This Season

COVID-19 is still spreading in the US as we enter our regularly scheduled flu season. While there are many more unknowns this year than in previous seasons, there are still some common misconceptions floating around that could be dangerous for your health.

For example, doctors are not certain how COVID-19 preventative measures like masks and hand washing will affect the spread of flu. Theoretically, we could see a weaker season than usual due to these precautions, but they warn that we should still not be complacent. After all in the end there will be two (or more) viruses circulating during this time, which will likely increase your risk for getting sick.

Another myth is that getting the flu vaccine could interfere with the efficacy of an eventual COVID vaccine. Apart from the fact that we are unlikely to see a mass COVID vaccine rollout this season, it is not true that vaccines can interfere with each other.

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