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COVID Vaccination Logistics: Five Steps to Take Now

Beyond vaccine safety, efficacy and procurement lie licensing and delivery — nations must get ready

With more than 40 vaccines undergoing clinical testing, 150 in development and a couple in late-stage testing--including one that recently reported very favorable interim data on the efficacy of its vaccine --governments are now eyeing how to disseminate a vaccine once one becomes available. Given the global nature of COVID-19 this challenge cries out for a global coordination and cooperation. Two technocrats from Thailand--a country that knows a thing or two about conducting enormous vaccine trials--posted a commentary this week suggesting five steps that nations should take, particularly those in poor and middle-income countries, to make the difficult climb toward procurement and delivery. "Creating a safe and effective vaccine is akin to striking base camp on Everest — the gruelling climb to procurement and delivery lies ahead. Countries must develop a comprehensive and strategic plan for vaccine roll-out,"  the Thai Ministry of Public Health officials said. 

You can find the full article in Nature News & Comment detailing the five steps countries should take in advance of rolling out a COVID vaccine..