Eureka’s Top 10 Stories of 2019
Eureka Staff

Eureka’s Top 10 Stories of 2019

From phage therapy and antibiotic resistance to rare diseases and drug abuse research, here are Eureka’s Top 10 Stories of the Year.

  1. Dysbiosis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.A microbial imbalance in the body seems to correlate with IBD, but does it actually cause it? Maybe, maybe not.
  2. Drug Abuse Liability Assessment. Amid the ongoing opioid crisis gripping the country, what can pharmaceutical companies do to prevent new medications from being abused?
  3. Even with Cancer, there is a Road Forward. A father’s second cancer diagnosis was not the Christmas greeting his family expected. Fortunately, with innovative therapies, he has a good chance of beating it.
  4. Will a Haunting Rare Disease Finally Meet its Match? In Sanfilippo syndrome, a missing gene, and the critical enzyme it codes, cause a cataclysmic chain reaction in the CNS. What are researchers doing to try and reverse it?
  5. A New Antibiotic is Slowly Making a Big Entrance. Phazolicin or PHZ is the newly discovered ribosome-disrupting compound. Why this is a really big deal in antibiotic development.
  6. The Protective Effect of Gilbert Syndrome. Rare diseases do not always lead to restricted and shorter life spans. Sometimes they can actually help improve survival. 
  7. Jaci’s Genes. An Iowa woman fights the aggressive ALS that claimed her twin sister.
  8. Candida auris: A Dangerous Fungus Among Us. The deadly, drug-resistant infection is wreaking havoc in hospitals; what can laboratories do to identify it?
  9. An Ancient Voice for Our Ecosystem. Keeping an eye on the kids. New Jersey researchers hatch a plan to raise baby horseshoe crabs and then track them in the wild
  10. .How Ready Are Your Cleanrooms for Annex 1 Updates? Annex 1 updates: The impact on Microbial ID Strategy on cleanroom qualifications for pharma manufacturers