Eureka’s Top Posts in 2016
Eureka Staff

Eureka’s Top Posts in 2016

Zika, cancer immunotherapy, gene therapy, and the advances in research animal diagnostics topped our lineup.  

Eureka spends a lot of time writing about drug development, but its biggest story this year wasn’t in the laboratory. It was in Brazil, the epicenter of the mosquito-borne Zika virus that we now know is linked to the birth defect, microcephaly. Zika dominated the headlines for weeks and it was Eureka’s most popular topic as well. Our reproductive toxicologists looked at the uphill battle proving cause and effect between Zika and microcephaly, and the protracted US funding battle over finding therapeutic solutions to end the Zika crisis. We also heard from three international experts on tropical viruses, Peter Hotez, Duane Gubler and Robert Gallo

Cancer discovery was another hot area for us this year, what with the popularity of immunotherapies and growth of new tools for studying tumors and evaluating new compounds. Two of our hottest posts this year centered on the prospects for humanized mice in cancer immunotherapies and exploring ion channels in cancer.

One of our most popular stories has been an ongoing one on Eureka—the study and rollout of new environmental monitoring technologies that help keep track of germs lurking in animal research facilities. A potential cure for hemophilia showed the progress being made in the rejuvenated field of gene therapy. With the US presidential race looming, our science & politics series offered a dose of reason on topics at this intersection.

Lastly, the heartwarming post by kidney transplant recipient Eric Stizlein reminded us why we do what we do at Charles River.

Wonder what will lead our blog roll in 2017?