Eureka's Top Ten Posts of 2017
Eureka Staff

Eureka's Top Ten Posts of 2017

From human stories about cancer and rare diseases to Zika virus and snake venom. Here are our reader favorites from 2017!

  1. Getting Personal With Your Tumor. How Chicago singer and single mother Ginger Tam's war with lung cancer has been benefited by a growing arsenal of targeted drugs.
  2. Can We Prevent Prion Disease?  Eric Minikel and Sonia Vallabh changed careers and became researchers to try and stop a fatal  disease caused by a genetic mutation that Sonia inherited. Here's how they are trying to prevent the disease.
  3. Night at the Aquarium. The South Carolina Aquarium tells the story of their horseshoe crab conservation project in pictures.
  4. Snake and Spider Venom Also Help Save Lives. The creatures we fear are also aiding the development of drugs for diabetes, cancer, neurological disorders and inflammatory diseases
  5. Pendulum Shifts in Alzheimer's Research. As scientists search to understand the causes of Alzheimer’s disease, no one can really claim whether tau or amyloid beta commands the bigger role because the proteins are so linked.
  6. A Scientist's Role in Fighting Cancer Gets Personal. In the fight to overcome Stage 3C ovarian cancer, a Charles River scientist pursues targeted therapy and a clinical trial.
  7. Biting Questions About Zika Models. What can animals tell us about Zika and the birth defect microcephaly that the virus causes? It depends on the mouse.
  8. The Synergy Between CRISPR and RNAi.  By combining RNAi and CRISPR technologies we can streamline the discovery process for target identification, validation, and disease modeling both in vitro and in vivo.
  9. Can Robots Replace Researchers. There is still no substitute for human ingenuity and creativity, but in many technology and science industries, robots are becoming indispensable.
  10. Viral Vectors Take Aim at Parkinson's. How adeno-associated viruses are being used a delivery vehicle for the disease causing mutations of Parkinson's disease.