What's Hot in 2020: Antimicrobial Resistance
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Nastassja Ortega-Heinly, PhD

What's Hot in 2020: Antimicrobial Resistance

The ongoing challenge of controlling superbugs without compromising animal welfare  

To combat antimicrobial resistance, it takes a scientific village. One Health bridges human, animal, and ecosystem health under one umbrella, with a mission to improve the lives of all species through human medicine, veterinary medicine, and environmental science. Poultry and now swine are becoming “no antibiotics ever” or “antibiotic free” to help control the increasing number of superbugs out there. But at what point is it going too far? The decision to use antibiotics or not should also consider the animal’s welfare. Having better control over antibiotics is one thing; endangering the life of an animal is another.

—Nastassja Ortega-Heinly, Director of Laboratory Operations, Avian Services, Charles River