Shawna Jackman, PhD

Cell and Gene Therapy/Phototoxicity
Shawna Jackman

Shawna Jackman, PhD, DABT, is a Senior Research Scientist with the Photobiology and Cellular Therapy Safety Group at Charles River's Safety Assessment site in Horsham, Pa. She has 13 years of in vitro and in vivo experience in preclinical safety evaluation, including 11 years at Charles River’s Safety Assessment site in Horsham, Pennsylvania. In her current role, she is responsible for and is the site lead on cellular therapeutic safety regulatory interpretation along with study design, interpretation and reporting as a Study Director. Her articles have appeared in The Scientist and GEN.


Altered States

As academia embraces product development, stem cell science offers lessons on how hard it can be to straddle these very different worlds.

Shawna Jackman, PhD