Epigenetic Longevity (Abstract Science Dec. 16-20)
Regina Kelder

Epigenetic Longevity (Abstract Science Dec. 16-20)

Also, Nature’s Top 10 science influencers, and Science’s Massive, Dark, “Breakthrough of the Year”

Epigenetic Longevity Test

(Wired Science, Michelle Cohen Marill, 12/19/19)

Science may have found an answer for the secret to a long life. It comes in the form of molecular augury. The pattern of chemical chains that attach to the DNA in your cells—on-off switches known as epigenetic markers—can reveal how swiftly you are aging, and perhaps even how much longer you will live. A handful of companies are offering commercial blood or saliva tests based on the science of epigenetics—a chance to find out how old you truly are.

Nature’s Top 10 Science Influencers of 2020

(Nature, 12/19/10)

The annual list of 10 people who mattered in science this year include a teen-age climate activist, a neuroscientist and the co-discoverer of the Ebola virus.  Individuals on the list achieved amazing discoveries, brought attention to crucial issues, or gained notoriety for controversial actions.

Science Breakthrough of the Year

(Science, Daniel Clery, 12/19/10)

Black holes as big as our Solar System hide in plain sight. No one has seen one until this year, when  an international team of radio astronomers released a startling image of a black hole’s shadow, showing a dark heart surrounded by a ring of light created by photons zipping around it. One scientist involved in the project said seeing it for the first time felt like looking at the gates of hell.

—Stories compiled by Senior Scientific Writer Regina Kelder