NOD Mice (JAX™ Mice Strain)

Breeding Location

NOD Mice (JAX™ Mice Strain) Details

NOD inbred mice originated early in the inbreeding of the Cataract Shionogi (CTS) strain from the outbred Jcl:ICR mice. NOD strains were imported from a colony in Kyoto, Japan by Dr. M. Hattori to the Joslin Diabetes Centre in Boston in 1984. Breeder pairs from this importation were sent from The Joslin Diabetes Centre to Dr. E Leiter at The Jackson Laboratory, and are the source of the JAX production strains NOD/ShiLtJ. The current generation of inbreeding is F83. Breeding is in accordance with The Jackson Laboratory genetic management system.

Coat Color
White (albino)

Strain Code

Ideal For
Polygenic model for autoimmune type 1 diabetes

Growth Chart Not Available

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