Laboratory Animal Identification Methods

A major component to all research is data collection. Through the eyes of the researcher, mice are considered a live data storage device that is fundamental to generating the necessary data. Therefore, the ability to properly identify your study animals is critical to determining the accuracy of your research results.

Charles River Pre-ID™ services enable you to receive animal models that have been identified with the codes you provide us. Our skilled technicians perform all procedures in adherence to the highest standards in aseptic technique and animal welfare, and you have the option to select the identification that is most appropriate for you.*

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* Not all identification methods are available in Europe. Please contact your local Charles River Customer Service team to determine your options.

Somark Labstamp® animal identification method applied to the tail of a hairless nude mouse
Did You Know?
The Somark Labstamp
® animal identification method is now available for our immunodeficient, VAF/Elite® and genetically engineered mouse models.
Method** Mouse Rat Guinea Pig Gerbil Hamster
RapID Tags®
Ear Tag
Microchip (SOMARK-CHIP)      
Ear Punch
Tail Marking      
** Not all options are available for every species/strain.

Labstamp® is currently available on mouse models only. The following are a visual representation of three animal models of varying coat color that have been identified via the Labstamp® method.

We offer multiple ways for you to order research models that have been pre-identified:

  • Phone: 1.800.LAB.RATS (1.800.522.7287)
  • Fax: 1.800.922.7329
  • Online