David Clark, PhD

Computer-Aided Drug Design
David Clark

Dr. David E. Clark is a Research Leader in Computer-aided Drug Design (CADD) at Charles River Discovery, having been a founding scientific member of Argenta (acquired by CRL in 2014) in August 2000. David began his career working for Proteus Molecular Design for three years where he was involved in developing software for de novo ligand design and protein-ligand docking. He then spent four years working in the CADD group of Aventis/Rhône-Poulenc Rorer before joining Argenta. David is a graduate of the University of Oxford where he studied chemistry. His post-graduate studies (MSc, PhD) were carried out at the Department of Information Studies at University of Sheffield under the supervision of Professor Peter Willett. In 2003, David was the recipient of the Corwin Hansch award, which is presented annually by the QSAR and Modelling Society.