Vivarium Design Services

By applying our scientific and engineering expertise to your project, we can interact with your internal vivarium operations and/or outside consultants to deliver an efficient, effective solution for your new or existing facility. Services we provide include:  

  • Development of mechanical/electrical systems concepts
  • Review and recommendation of process flows
  • Options to maximize space
  • Conceptual design package
  • Conducting programming session(s)
  • Review of existing program
  • Equipment lifecycle cost analysis
  • Cagewash throughput analysis


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CRADL™ Vivarium Rental
Struggling with the thought of building and managing a new vivarium? By occupying space at one of Charles River's CRADL™ facilities, you can eliminate large infrastructure costs and focus on your research. It's an ideal solution for startups looking for a lean approach to their research, and for existing pharmaceutical and biotech organizations looking to expand.


Vivarium Construction Design Review

In designing your vivarium, you may require third-party architectural and engineering support, and it is important that your partner comprehends the scientific considerations of animal research facilities. Charles River has registered mechanical and electrical engineers who understand the balanced aspects of system reliability, redundancy, biosecurity, and opex/capital costs. We can help with:  

  • General consultation
  • Augmentation of current design with Charles River engineers
  • Peer review of existing design documents

Vivarium Owner Representative Services

Whether you are renovating or building new, vivarium construction entails complex tasks that should be entrusted only to the most experienced partners. Charles River has 50+ years of experience in overseeing and managing such projects. We offer a turnkey approach for resource-limited owners to realize a successful project. We're ready to support you with:  

  • Program and design coordination
  • Value engineering
  • Construction, coordination, and equipment procurement
  • Quality, budget, and change controls
  • Commissioning services