Endocrine Disruptor Testing Services

Charles River scientists participated in the OECD-led international validation of the uterotrophic assay, as well as validation of the male and female pubertal assays, the aromatase assay, and testing packages on many chemicals identified in the EPA’s first round of test orders.

Webinar Series: European Regulations for Assessing Endocrine Disruptors

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Catch up with our highly successful 3 part webinar series, discussing the regulatory, in vitro and in vivo challenges and considerations of endocrine disruptor assessment.
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In addition our full portfolio of GLP endocrine disruptor assays listed below, many of the study designs may be run as non-GLP rapid-screening alternatives.

Assays for endocrine disruption as proposed by EPA and OECD:

  • In Vitro
    • Estrogen receptor (ER) binding – rat uterine cytosol (OPPTS 890.1250)
    • Estrogen receptor (hERa) binding – human recombinant (OECD 493)
    • Estrogen receptor – (hERα) transcriptional activation – human cell line (HeLa-9903) (OPPTS 890.1300, OECD 455)
    • Androgen receptor (AR) binding – rat prostate cytosol (OPPTS 890.1150)
    • Androgen receptor (AR) – transcriptional activation – CHO-K1 cell line (AR-EcoScreen™) (OECD 458)
    • Steroidogenesis – human cell line (H295R) (OPPTS 890.1550, OECD 456)
    • Aromatase (human recombinant) assay (OPPTS 890.1200)

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  • In Vivo
    • Uterotrophic assay (rat) (OPPTS 890.1600, OECD 440)
    • Hershberger (rat) (OPPTS 890.1400, OECD 441)
    • Pubertal female (rat) (OPPTS 890.1450)
    • Pubertal male (rat) (OPPTS 890.1500)
    • Amphibian metamorphosis (frog) (OPPTS 890.1100, OECD 231)
    • Fish short-term reproduction (OPPTS 890.1350, OECD 229)

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