Hit Validation Via Flow Cytometry Analysis

Flow cytometry analysis is available for hit validation of results generated by Retrogenix Cell Microarray Technology. A flow cytometry screen usually takes around 2-3 weeks and provides key additional data to support interpretation of the results from a full receptor identification, target deconvolution, or off-target screening.

Expression vectors encoding the hits identified by cell microarray screening, along with appropriate control vectors, are used to transfect HEK293 cells. Live transfectants are then incubated with the test ligand and controls (and with any fluorescent detection antibodies that are required). Each set of transfectants is subjected to flow cytometry analysis and the results are interpreted by our scientists.

Off-Target Screening Off-Target Screening
Understand cross-reactivity to reduce toxicity-based attrition and aid lead selection.

Target Deconvolution Target Deconvolution
Accelerate phenotypic drug discovery through target deconvolution of phenotypic molecules.

Receptor Identification Receptor Identification
Uncover receptors for proteins, viruses, and more complex ligands such as whole cells.

CAR Cell Specificity Screening CAR Cell Specificity Screening
Safely utilize a patient’s own immune system by precisely recognizing specific tumors.


Dose Response Flow Cytometry

Results of titration experiments with increasing doses of the test ligand (compared with no-ligand or the positive control) showing the curve shift produced by varying degrees of ligand-receptor binding.

Data charts showing Flow cytometry analysis of binding of a test antibody for the hit validation services offered with the retrogenix cell microarray assays.

Hit validation via flow cytometry analysis of binding of a test antibody, an isotype-matched negative control antibody, and Rituximab biosimilar control to unfixed transfected cells expressing the known primary receptor, the putative off-target (identified by cell microarray screening), and a CD20 control.

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