REACH Substance Identification Testing

Under REACH, there is a requirement to identify and name not only substances of well-defined qualitative and quantitative composition, but also those that are of Unknown or Variable composition, Complex reaction products or Biological materials (UVCB substances). Further, it is a requirement that registrants provide adequate spectral data to confirm the structure of their substance and also verify its composition and purity through the use of suitable chromatographic methods.

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Assessing the Risk of Chirality for Plant Protection Products Following EFSA Guidelines

Learn about some cost-effective strategies to delivering quantitative data on distributing isomers for your registration program.
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  • Purity determination
  • Percentage of significant impurities
  • Characterization of impurities (including isomers)
  • Nature and quantity of additives
  • Spectral data
  • HPLC and GC chromatograms

Analytical techniques

  • HPLC, HPLC-MS/MS (High Resolution MS)
  • GC, GC-MS
  • GPC
  • CE
  • Size-Exclusion Chromatography
  • UV/vis
  • IR
  • NMR
  • ICP-MS

Other less typical techniques are also available on request.