Veterinary Medicine

With over 40 years’ experience in the field, Charles River offers a complete veterinary pharmaceutical development service, including regulatory trial approval (e.g., ATC), protocol and case report form (CRF) design, investigator selection and training, external laboratory facilities selection and monitoring, project management, study monitoring, adverse event responses, drug supply and management, quality assurance, statistics, and production of the final study report.

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Veterinarian wearing a face shield and mask measuring medication from a bottle.

In the race to market you need a partner who can help you to meet the complex challenges of a changing regulatory environment, a partner with a multidisciplinary staff who serve as a flexible extension of your in-house team. Charles River can provide the services and resources to guide you through every critical program milestone, from inception to registration, including all the exposure and safety assessments required in the various parts of the dossier.

Charles River has a comprehensive range of nonclinical efficacy and target animal studies, including drug metabolism, bioequivalence, reproduction, dose determination/confirmation, palatability, and residue depletion. Studies employ standard (e.g., topical, oral, intravenous) and less common (e.g., implant, intramammary, intratracheal) administration routes to test a wide range of compounds from vaccines and veterinary therapies to feed additives and parasiticides. Studies are designed with a specific focus on the in-life use of the veterinary product, and meet all current international regulatory requirements.

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We offer a comprehensive portfolio of in vitro and in vivo short- and long-term toxicology studies to evaluate oral, dermal and inhalation toxicity, dermal and ocular irritation and skin sensitization. We also perform neurotoxicology (detailed functional observations and assessments), immunotoxicity studies and have more than 25 years’ experience conducting a wide range of genetic toxicology assays.

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Many animal health products may enter the aquatic and terrestrial environment through excretion; therefore, the potential environmental impact associated with their use must be assessed. The environmental scientists at Charles River are experienced in the conduct of studies required to identify and manage the environmental risk of veterinary pharmaceuticals.

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