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Our C57BL/6-Aged mouse model is ideal for age-related disease studies
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C57BL/6 mice are the most used inbred strain in research. Our C57BL/6 mouse colonies are genetically identical within each strain, making them free of genetic differences that could impact research results. Inbred mouse strains exhibit a high degree of uniformity in their inherited characteristics, or phenotypes, which include appearance, behavior, and response to experimental treatments. Our aged animals are useful for studying various age-related diseases. At Charles River, cohorts of male and female mice are set aside at weaning, and will be housed together up until ~77 weeks of age. Mice are available for immediate studies, eliminating your need to wait for animals to naturally age.

C57BL/6-Aged Mice are helpful for studying age-related diseases

How Well Does the C57BL/6NCrl Mouse Age?

Our interactive eBook includes detailed graphs and reference tables for body composition, chemistry, and hematology on both early and late adult C57BL/6NCrl mice to show how this model changes with age.

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Genetic Uniformity

We use our International Genetic Standardization (IGS) program coupled with a pyramid mating system designed to maintain the highest levels of genetic uniformity in our C57BL/6 mice. The pyramid mating system ensures our C57BL/6 mice are genetically identical within each mouse strain. We also offer the C57BL/6 Mouse, C57BL/6-Germ-Free Mouse, and C57BL/6-Elite (SOPF) Mouse with a VAF/Elite® health profile.

Developed by C.C. Little in 1921, from a mating of Miss Abby Lathrop’s stock that also gave rise to strains C57BR and C57L. Strains 6 and 10 separated about 1937. To The Jackson Laboratory in 1948 from Hall. To NIH in 1951 from The Jackson Laboratory at F32. To Charles River in 1974 from NIH.

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As mice age, they may develop age-related diseases such as cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s, age-related hearing loss, bone density, obesity and diabetes.

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