Sperm & Embryo Reconstitution

While cryopreserving your valuable genetically engineered animals is an important part of protecting your research against unforeseen events, having the ability to recover live animals from frozen stock quickly and efficiently is equally critical to safeguarding your lines. After you've preserved your line, we can help you recover it. You can use our cryorecovery services for stock preserved by Charles River or an outside source.

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Embryo Reconstitution
  • 50–60 embryos
  • 3 embryo transfers
  • Any animals recovered
  • Complete health report
  • VAF/Elite® mice or rats
10–12 weeks
Sperm Reconstitution
Live animal recovery from cryopreserved sperm frozen by Charles River
  • Minimum 10 offspring
  • Complete health report
  • VAF/Elite® mice
10–12 weeks
Mouse Rescue Package
Recovery of a mouse line that is no longer producing offspring
  • All animals produced
  • Complete health report
  • VAF/Elite® mice
Project based on what rescue package is needed