Our Fastest ATP-based Contamination Detection

ATP bioluminescence, a gold standard rapid detection method, provides an effective approach to confidently detect the presence of microbial contamination in a sample. However, it is dependent upon microbial growth to achieve sufficient levels of ATP for detection. Celsis AMPiScreen® reagents utilize a method of amplifying ATP that is not constrained by the finite amount of metabolic ATP available in the standard bioluminescence assay. The amplification of ATP beyond that which is inherent in the test sample is accomplished through a proprietary reagent, Celsis LuminAMP™, and an additional instrument-controlled amplification period to optimize the detection of microorganisms.

Sterility in 6 Days, Bioburden in 24 Hours

Based upon a proven detection method, Celsis AMPiScreen® products amplify low levels of contaminant ATP present in a test sample that are then easily detected by bioluminescence within Celsis® instruments. This naturally occurring reaction, which also provides the characteristic glow of fireflies, occurs when the luciferase enzyme converts luciferin into oxyluciferin to produce bioluminescence. This reaction requires the presence of ATP to occur.

Ready-to-Use For Rapid Detection

Our Celsis AMPiScreen® reagent kit is comprised of three separate reagents, Celsis LuminAMP™, Celsis Luminex®, and Celsis LuminATE®. Each reagent is essentially ready to use off-the-shelf, except for a simple rehydration step of Celsis LuminATE® with its included buffer. Reagents are then loaded into the easy access reagent holders on Celsis® luminometers.

  • Celsis AMPiScreen Reagent Features
    • Amplifying ATP gets results even faster than traditional ATP-based detection
    • Flexible kit configuration affords convenient and efficient reagent usage, minimizing waste
    • Simplified reagent preparation; automated reagent injection
    • Compatible on both the Celsis Accel® and Celsis Advance II™ instruments
  • 400 Assay Kit Configuration
    Product Code RST400
    400 Assay Kit Configuration*
    • Celsis LuminAMP™  8 x 8.6 mL vials
    • Celsis LuminEX®  8 x 8.6 mL vials
    • Celsis LuminATE®  8 x 50 assay vials
    • Celsis LuminATE® Buffer – 8 x 8.6 mL vials
    Storage Conditions
    • 2 – 8° C
    Shelf Life
    • Up to 12 months at 2 – 8° C

    * Intended for in vitro use only. Safety data sheets (SDS) available upon request.