Genotyping Mice and Rats

Effective rodent colony management depends on rat or mouse genotyping results, not just data. Genotyping that is conducted routinely can help keep colony sizes manageable, aid in selecting animals for study cohorts, and set aside animals for future breeding.

Our high-throughput, multiplatform rat and mouse genotyping laboratory delivers results from sample receipt to the facilitation of more efficient lab animal colony management. Automation of the overall genotyping process enables us to deliver fast turnaround times and makes us readily available to respond to scale up or expedite genotyping requests.

Genotyping Services for Transgenic Mice & Rat Colonies

Service Importance to Your Transgenic Colonies
Zygosity testing for target mutation and transgenics Testing is critical to transgenic breeding strategies and distinguishes zygosity between homozygous and hemizygous transgenic animals.
CRISPR-Cas9*-generated mutations screening PCR combined with our proprietary assays produce cleaner data and accurately identify founders that carry mutations.
Troubleshooting of colony issues Our team of experts can troubleshoot any colony issues you may be experiencing. For example, we can help identify transgene segregation and/or instability.
Screening of gene targeting in ES cells Gene targeting screening ensures the presence of the desired mutations in your transgenic animal model.
Transgene segregation and instability Transgene segregation ensures the presence of the desired mutations in your transgenic animal model.
Identification of transgenic carriers We will identify transgenic carriers in order to propagate genes of interest into the next generation line.

We also offer online sample submission and customized reporting through Laboratory Testing Management® (LTM™). This program provides free shipping of genetic testing samples via LTM™ Ship.** This convenient, easy-to-use shipping solution operates with all major shipping providers using automated order tracking, allowing for easy online tracking of sample submissions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Genotyping Services

  • What is a transgenesis?

    Transgenesis introduces known genes in the mouse genome at random sites with the intent to produce a phenotype based on overexpression of the gene.

  • How long does backcrossing genetics of mice take?

    Genetic modifications will be on the new background strain after 10 generations. This will take approximately 2 years for mice, as each generation will take 10-12 weeks (gestation time plus time to reach sexual maturity at 8 weeks).

  • What is speed congenics?

    Speed congenics is a technique that takes advantage of the variability between animals and known small genetic difference between strains. These small differences are Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs). Mouse genetic testing, through panels of SNP assays can show which animals in each generation have the most genetic material from the new strain by look where the strains being compared have different SNPs.

  • How are animal models checked for genetic quality control?

    There has been an extensive use of genetically modified animals in research. CRISPR-Cas9*, a gene editing technique, is utilized to generate new models, or modify existing models. In order to expand a colony, one needs an assay for genetic monitoring. During the creating process, while designing the targeting constructs, an assay is also designed for genotyping the final animals. This way a researcher can easily determine which animal cells/animals contain the modified gene.

  • What is the impact of genetic background and genotyping?

    Our webinar on mouse reproducibility explains the impact and importance of genetic drift, genetic contamination, and genotyping inconsistencies. Its companion Q&A page gives additional information in great detail.

* CRISPR-CAS9 used under licenses to granted and pending US and international patents from The Broad Institute and ERS Genomics Limited.

** Available in continental US only. For European and other global clients, please contact us to discuss our convenient shipping options.