Isolator-Based Animal Quarantine

Isolator-based animal quarantine facilities allow for the direct acceptance of animals from any institution worldwide, regardless of their known or unknown health status. This flexibility provides options to screen animals that would otherwise not be allowed into many animal facilities and speed up the process of acquiring valuable research animals. At the completion of the quarantine period, animals that are proven negative of excluded agents are allowed directly into most barrier facilities without the need to rederive.


  • Dedicated isolator space allows for immediate animal acceptance from any source.
  • Breeding and procedures are possible during quarantine to expand your colony and gather additional data.
  • Our Internet Colony Management (ICM™) system helps to manage our quarantine services. ICM provides real-time data access to all animal, line and colony information.


Service Description Time
Rapid Quarantine
  • Up to 10 mice or 10 rats quarantined following the GEMS PRIA® protocol
  • Sample Method: Direct samples taken from principle animals
2 weeks
Standard Quarantine with or without Breeding
  • Up to 17 cages of mice or 8 cages of rats quarantined following the standard GEMS protocol
  • Sample Method: Sentinels submitted
10 weeks