Creating and Maintaining Customized Knockin Mouse Models

The ability to engineer the mouse genome has made transgenic mice a powerful tool for modeling human disease. Together with our industry partners, all types of mutations are achievable: complex and mutli-allelic mutations, constitutive knockin mice, humanized mice, point mutation knockin mice, tag/reporter, and target transgenesis.

Rodent model genetic quality control guidebook for genetic monitoring

New Guidebook: Rodent Model Genetic Quality Control

Managing a genetically engineered rodent colony is not so simple. Get our new guidebook to obtain sound advice on colony management, genetic monitoring and embryology techniques required to protect your research.

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Knockin Mice Mutations

  • Constitutive KI Mice: This model is engineered to carry a cDNA sequence coding for a  protein in a selected locus. 
  • Point Mutation KI Mice: This model consists of the replacement of one or a few DNA bases in the sequences of a specified gene.
  • Humanized Mice: This model consists of the replacements of the murine gene by its human counterpart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Knockin Mice