Acute Toxicity Studies

Charles River offers competitively priced non-GLP acute toxicology services. Our new streamlined protocols, redesigned in-life procedures and targeted reports allow us to offer scientific rigor with an operationally efficient service. Redesigning our approaches has translated directly into savings for our sponsors, without compromising objectives and quality.

Template Study Designs & Reports

Our non-GLP protocols (study plans) are simplified with template study designs and corresponding abbreviated report format. The abbreviated formats limit themselves to describing items in support of study objectives, using more streamlined designs that focus on preliminary evaluation of key endpoints. Standard or more specialized endpoints can be included.

Streamlined Processes & Documentation

Our streamlined processes and documentation mean less paperwork and duplication as well as reduced and more efficient handoffs for data collection and review. We have flexible and dedicated staff available to perform multiple functions resulting in simplified processes. Client interactions are simplified as well, with preset study designs resulting in reduced review cycles for protocol and report.

Support Services

The following specialty groups are available to provide the ancillary services necessary for complete safety assessment: